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江苏快3计划app免费:Spraying Machine

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Product structure

Spraying machine

How much do you know

Air compressor: a sliding-vane type or piston-type air compressor which is featured as small cubage, large air volume, slight pressure drop, compact structure, stable and reliable operation, etc., may provide a stable air source for spraying

Hopper: welded steel structure and rust-proof paint, the plastic cement is continuously mixed and transferred to the material pump from the hopper

Material pump: this pump is a volume pump, suitable for conveying either solid or liquid materials, the flowing rate depends on the rotation speed

Chassis: welded steel structure and rust-poof paint, the chassis consists of an air compressor, hopper, speed variator, material pump, a pair of tight wheels, etc. A pair of steering wheel is under the chassis, which enables flexible move or turning

Spraying gun : The spraying gun is mainly used for mixing or atomizing compressed air and plastic mixtures ,and evenly spraying the mixture on the plastic ground.

Spraying machine

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PTJ-120 Sprayer Machine

The PTJ-120 spayer machine is the spraying equipment of spraycoat system of running track and sports field. The machine is assembled the advanced technolongy of screw rod rotor material and compact arrangement.

Model: GLP-511 By Size: <5mm
Conveying High Speed: 15m Power: 7.5kw
Voltage: 380v Conveying Pressure: 4Mpa
Hopper Capacity: 60L Water: Ash:Sand: 0.7~1:1:3
Supporting The Nozzle: 32 Supporting Air Compressor: 3m3/h
Weight: 340kg    

PTJ-100 Sprayer Machine for Running Track

Pressure 1Mpa
Quantity 0.64m3/h
Power 7.5KW
Capacity L00L
Spraying output 12-15kg/min
Weight 400kg
Size 1500X1000X1100mm

LS-300YT Power Sprayer Machine

1, Beautiful and generous; Designed, compact structure, easy operation;
2, Flexible with electricity, gasoline, diesel engines, can adapt to the natural environment;
3, Spray an area of wide range of high, mobile;
4, Widely used in gardens, lawns, gardens, sports grounds, orchards, greenhouses and a variety of crops, pest and disease control;

Sprayer Machine for Plastic Track

Pressure 1Mpa
Quantity 0.64m3/h
Power 7.5KW
Capacity L00L
Spraying output 12-15kg/min
Weight 400kg
Size 1500x1000x1100mm

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