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mining locomotive

江苏快3是什么:mining locomotive

Safe, efficient, energy saving

江苏快3所以开奖号 Low cost of use, convenient maintenance, strong power, safety, environmental protection and long service life.




mining locomotive

Simple structure, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

product description

Mining locomotive is powered by diesel engines. This series of locomotives is more flexible than battery locomotives. It does not require traction grids, AC and charging equipment, low cost, easy maintenance, strong power, safety and environmental protection.

Reduce labor and
reduce costs
Safe, energy efficient, efficient, and low operating costs.

mining locomotive
mining locomotive
mining locomotive
mining locomotive

mining locomotive

Simple structure, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

product structure

The internal combustion engine of a diesel locomotive requires a transmission to output power to its wheels. When the locomotive is stopped, its engine can continue to operate.

  • mining locomotive
  • This series of locomotives powered by diesel engines do not require traction grids, alternating current and charging equipment.

    mining locomotive
02Flexible body

The diesel locomotive has a short body and maintains the turning radius of the lane with flexibility and stability;

mining locomotive
Compact body Simple structure Earthquake proof
03Good explosion-proof performance

The mining locomotive is equipped with an explosion-proof exhaust gas treatment device, and the electrical equipment such as the generator and the lamp of the locomotive are explosion-proof.

mining locomotive

mining locomotive

Compared with the DC drive type, it saves energy and saves energy by up to 25-30%.

mining locomotive

Simple structure, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

Operating specification

The driver of the mining locomotive driver must undergo a lot of training, but also be familiar with the mine transportation route. It must have certain operational skills. In order to ensure the safety of the work, it must pass the examination and pass the exam.

mining locomotive

Simple structure, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

Product parameters
Model (basic parameter)Item CCG 3.0/600J (B) CCG 5.0/600J (B) CCG8.0/600J
Matched Power Model ZS1115FB YH1125SFB YH4108DFB(A)
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 2400*920(1000)*1600 3020*1000(1098)*1600 3700*1100*1600
Weight kg 3000 5000 8000
Greatest Traction Force KN 4.5 7.5 12
Pulling Tonnage T 15 22 35
Gauge mm 600(made to order)
Wheelbase mm 706(712) 880(860) 980
Greatest Speed km/h 15+1 17+1 20+2
Diesel Engine Power (kw)/ Rotating Speed (r/min) 11/2200 14.7/2200 52/2400
Smallest Railway Orbit m 5 6 7
Greatest Braking Force N 5000 8000 12800
Traction Height mm 270 320 320 430 320 430
Braking Distance m 40
Height Above Ground mm 80 125 125
Braking Mode foot and machine control air and hand wheel control
Exhaust Quality CO≤0.1% NOX≤0.08%

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